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How to use the Whereis Tool
Hear Ye Did you know you can find where your friends are anywhere on site ? click below for details on how to do this.

This can only be used if you are in a Yacht Club Member nick or a Crew Member Nick.

Whereis, is a very useful tool. You can find where your friends are anywhere on site at Safe Harbor Games.

Again, you need to be in a lobby to do this

In lobby, click tools at the top of the lobby, then click whereis. This will bring in your chat line /whereis <- again a command then type the name of the person you are looking for. ie /whereis YachtClubClass neptune will then tell you exactly which lobby/lobbies YachtClubClass is in.

Neptune> YachtClubClass is in the following lobbies:
Neptune> YachtClubClass is in Backgammon lobby "Yacht Club - Armed4Fun_ " just chatting. (<- is how it looks in the lobby, only you can see this no one else can see it.)

This can also be done manually by typing /whereis YachtClubClass or whoever you want to know, type it at the very beginning of the chat line, not leaving a space, if you leave a space it will just print into the lobby.

Yacht Club Members now do a whereis for someone on your friendslist right from your Safe Harbor Friends. To do this open your friends list, then right click the friends name and click " whereis friend "
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