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How to view Rating History
Hear Ye Did you know you can view yours or other players history for the past six months?

This can be done if you are in a Yacht Club Membership nic or Crew Member nic

Being a Yacht Club Member you have the ability to check yours and others history for last six months.

To do this, go to the game area ie Backgammon, on the left hand side you will see " Ratings ", click this.

You will then be taken to another page, where there is a white box, enter your nic in this box, then click search, this will take you to another page which shows you your rate, wins and losses etc.

Also to the right it says History which is underlined, click this and it will give you your history of games played won or lost for the past six months.

If you wanted to view someone elses rate history, simply do as above but put their nic in the white box, rather than yours.
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