Hearts Features
Regular Hearts: Beginner and Advanced Offered
  • Social: Beginner - The Reef - Shows cumulative scores and points taken per hand during play
    Advanced - Captain's Cabin - shows the cumulative score only
  • JOD Variation: Beginner and Advanced offered
    Beginner: JOD Reef - Shows cumulative scores and points taken per hand during play
    Advanced: Captain's JOD - Show cumulative score only
  • Tournament: Beginner and Advanced Offered - Tournament Room 1 shows only the cumulative scores on the table during play.
    Tournament Room 2 Shows cumulative scores and points taken per hand during play
    Dedicated Tournament Rooms are provided for JoD and Tournaments of Champions
  • The Regatta is a Special Events Room.
  • Ladder/League rooms will have room selection choice - their link can be placed in their dedicated lobby pull down menu.
General Features:
  • Standard 2 of clubs lead
  • Cannot break hearts/Play Queen of Spades on first trick
  • AutoPlay feature
  • Computer players with artificial intelligence are provided.
  • Ability to post league/ladder wins from your dedicated lobby
  • Ability to view Last Trick
  • Choose to show cards to kibbers or not
  • Tournament Rooms
  • Safe Harbor Games Custom Card Distribution Algorithm
  • Animated Cards
  • Animated "Shoot the Moon" graphic
  • Customizable text font and color Chat Options
  • Large emoticon library
  • Tournament schedule displayed as calendar on the main hearts page
Allow Safe Moons Option
When Turned on, it reverses the points awarded when a player "Shoots the Moon".
Normally, when a player Shoots the Moon, all their opponenets get 26 points added to their score.
If "Allow Safe Moons is turned on, then the player who Shoots the Moon gets 26 points subtracted from their own score, and nothing is adjusted for their opponents.
TRAM (Introduced July 14th, 2019)
When Turned On:
* The person leading the trick is certain to take all the rest of the tricks, or * All of the points (all Hearts, the Queen of Spades, and optionally the Jack of Diamonds) have been played
Then, in those cases, the game will print a message in the middle of the table, and turn on 'auto-play' mode for all players, causing the hand to then play out without any more clicks or input from the players.
* In the case of leading the trick, the message printed on the table is "TRAM". In the case of all the points played, the message is "Points Played".
Table Options
  • If a player is booted, the game may continue with a bot, or players can choose to hold cards until the player returns, or a sub enters the game.
  • The ability to join a game is controlled by players seated at the table. The table can be locked. Kibitzers can be booted or not allowed to kibitz.
  • Any of the 4 players can click inside the game on a players kibitzer, hold down and see who is kibbing that player. The table has another unique chat feature, no chat. If this is selected, the players cannot see the kibbitzers chat, yet the kibbitzers can see each other's chat. The only chat the players can see is what they type to those who are playing.
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