Custom Color/Font Tool
Color Changes Made Easy
We offer the ability for Yacht Club Members to change font and color on a line-by-line basis.
To use this feature, you add a special code at the front of your chat.
This code must be the very first thing in your chat line.
It will cause your font and color selection to change FOR THAT LINE ONLY.

How To Do:
You need a line of CODE before the line you want to make custom
  1. A forward slash / at the front
  2. 8 CODES in the middle
  3. A forward slash / at the end
The code has a total of 10 characters NO SPACES

Example: /RRGGBBSF/

The S is the Style you wish the font to be: none, bold, italic or bold/italic.
The number 8, 4, 0 or letter C only.
Only these numbers or letter will work in this spot.

0 is for No code selected
8 is if you want the letters BOLD
4 is if you want the letters ITALIC
C is if you want BOLD ITALIC

The F is the Font line.
There are 11 fonts to choose from.
When you are in a lobby, in the upper left hand corner click on FILE.
You will see Chat Options, click on that.
You will see Chat Font, hit the drop down arrow.
They are in the order 0-10.

0= Ariel
1= Book Antiqua
2= Bookman Old Style
3= Comic Sans MS
4= Georgia
5= MS Sans Serif
6= Palatino
7= Palatino Linotype
8= Tempus Sans ITC
9= Times New Roman
A= Verdana
B= Jokerman
C= Lucida Calligraphy
D= Lucida Handwriting
E= Script MT Bold
F= Trebuchet MS
Special Case for Courier new (See below)

So in the code line /RRGGBB89/ 8 = Bold 9 = Font (Times New Roman)
RRGGBB are the color codes (Red/Red Green/Green Blue/Blue)

Add 1 to the style, and 0 for Font, so taking the above exampel for Courier New, it would become :
/RRGGBB90/ where 9= Bold (8 + 1) 0 = Courier New

(ALL letters must be in CAPS and the 0 is the number zero)
  • RED is FF0000
  • BLUE is 0000FF
  • GREEN is 008000
  • PINK is FF00FF
  • BLACK is 000000
In the Chat Options dialog on top of lobby or table, select the color you want and note the
RGB values that are given for that color on the bottom right section of that dialog.

Then convert that number from decimal to hex.
The best way to do that is to open the Windows Calculator.
Start - Programs - Accessories : Calculator
Open Calculator and select View, then Scientific..
Now ... say the number you saw for an RGB value was 125
Make sure 'Dec' is checked near the top left, and type 125.
Then, click on the 'Hex' button. That number changes to 7D.
7D is the first color code you need.

In the Chat Options dialog, you found a color you liked, and its values were:
Red 125, Green 31, Blue 255.

Go into that calculator to convert those 3 numbers:
125 becomes 7D
31 becomes 1F
255 becomes FF
So the RGB code for that color would be: 7D1FFF

Although any color can be specified, if you choose White or Yellow or other very bright colors that can�t be easily read against a white background, then the color will be dimmed to a more legible color.

Here is a website with 216 Hex colors listed for view:
Scroll down the page to see a complete display.


Typing a line in the lobby is as easy as this:
/FF000089/ (put a space here) type your text
It will print in the lobby as: Red, Bold, Times New Roman

PlayerNic> your text - customized in this color/font for this line only

This will reset back to the original setting you have for the next line typed.
This change happens ONLY for the line the code in front of.
The code will not work unless placed at beginning.

Keyboard Express, Macro Express or NoJoks

It's pretty simple.
You will need the 'code' in front of the line you want to change.
Then enter your text line for the macro.
Keep going for custom line macros that are each different.
Yacht Club Members are limited to 5 lines, before auto gag will go into effect.
Experiment and have FUN!
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