SafeHarborGames Download Guide for Linux and other Wine users

NOTE: We do not currently support IOS or Android devices!
Attention Wine users
For platforms, such as Linux, that support WINE, we have discover what the optimal combination of components are necessary to support our application, and we wanted to share them with any *nix users out there that are familiar with Wine.
  1. One word of CAUTION - if you are not familiar with Linux, and at least understand what WINE is, then this may not be a solution for you.
  2. FIRST THING! You must have Wine already installed on your machine. If you do not, then see the sections "Applications to install" below and then return to the instructions here
  3. As well - you need to understand how Wine works on your machine. There are differences for every version of Linux,so we cannot cover them here. If you do not feel comfortable working with Wine, then you will need to either learn from the Wine HQ website or find someone who does to help you.
  4. Download/install Win version of SHG via Wine as usual. Install flashplugin-installer if necessary.
  5. In Firefox (current Linux version!) open about:config in the location bar (accept the warning about dragons).
  6. Right-click anywhere on the page and select New -> Boolean
  7. Enter network.protocol-handler.expose.safeharborgames -> false
  8. Click here to to to and open your game. You will be prompted to enter an app. Click Choose... then find HarborGames.EXE which should be here:

    ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/SafeHarborGames/HarborGames.EXE

    Click the checkbox to remember.
  9. Click to install Gecko if prompted.
    (that's all - there may not be a prompt at all)

    I don't think Riched20, Riched30, and RichTx32 are necessary.
Thanks to jim_deadlock for the updated and tested instrutions
Applications to install.
  1. Wine Gecko (32-bit) 1.5 or later.
    • Many versions of Linux already have an option to add applications to your machine so you may be able to choose Wine from that list - which is the simplest method
    • IF you don't have an option to install Wine on your machine, then you need to install it manually by doing the following:
      • Go to Wine HQ by Clicking here
      • Click on Download and then pick the version of linux you have installed
      • Follow the instructions there
  2. Firefox
    • Make sure you make it the default browser for that instance of windows.
  3. Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin Version
  4. Possibly Install Riched20, Riched30, and RichTx32 from winetricks

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