Yacht Club FAQ
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  • By purchasing a Yacht Club Member account, you are helping to keep Safe Harbor Games the best gaming site on the Web!
    And the Avatars are fun !!
    Yearly Charge: US $20.00
  • One Nick per Yacht Club Membership
  • No Refunds
  • To sign up for a Yacht Club Membership, click the drop down arrow for Yacht Club on the selection bar above,
    and select Open An Account.
    Fill in the form and you will be notified when your payment has processed.
Choose an Avatar for one Nickname
  • Choose from nearly 1600 icons or emoticons.
  • Your nic will appear near the top of the player list.
  • In any lobby, change your Avatar anytime you want by using /setmyicon followed by the keystrokes for the emoticon, or the icon number.
Enjoy features for Yacht Club Members only
Click here to see the Yacht Club Class page for details on how to take advantage of your new features.
  • Set so only your friends can IM you online
  • Have up to 500 Friends on your Friends List
  • Ability to set up your own User Profile and control who can see it - either staff and Yacht Club members only, or anybody logged in.
    Click on Profiles on the homepage or on the game listing page.
  • Ability to set notifications for when your friends come online.
  • Ability to look up other player's history for Rated games for the last 6 months.
  • Ability to look up another player's ratings in the lobby, by either right mouse clicking the name and choosing ratings, or from the chatline for any player (/ratings nick).
  • /whereis tool that can be used to find what rooms your friends are in.
  • Ability to reset your own Ratings by going into My Account on the homepage. To avoid abuse, there is an upper limit.
  • Option to view the lobby listings in Rated rooms by Rating - Highest to Lowest.
  • Option to change your avatar as many times as you want.
  • Option to switch your Membership from one nick to another - Just login, click on My Account, and select the option.
  • Option to change your nic on the same account, without having to create another one.
  • You can have up to 25 nicks. Please note that this is per person, not per Yacht Club Membership. No matter how many Yacht Club Memberships you have, the total number of nicks is still 25!
  • Special Yacht Club Member only tournaments with prizes to be announced.
Use Custom Color/Font Tool
Special Avatar
Special Avatar when purchasing groups of 10 or more Yacht Club Memberships
  • The normal one time setup fee of $50.00 will be waved when a group of 10 or more Yacht Club Memberships are purchased at the same time.
  • Contact us at SHG.YachtClubs@gmail.com for further information
Multiple Accounts
When purchasing multiple accounts, or gift accounts, please email SHG.YachtClubs@gmail.com to notify us which accounts should receive the Yacht Club Memberships

If you have any questions, please email us at SHG.YachtClubs@gmail.com
or use the Contact Us link on the main page, and put in header Yacht Club Membership.

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