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How to reset your Ratings
Hear Ye Did you know you can reset your rating in all game areas as and when you like, with a Yacht Club Membership.

This can only be done if you have a Yacht Club Membership Nic.

Being a Yacht Club Member, Safe Harbor Games, have given you the ability to reset your own rating.

To do this, on the main Safe Harbor Games page, whilst still signed in your Yacht Club Nick, go to " My Account ", which is on the left hand side, here you can also change your email address, password, security question and switch membership to another nick, you can also see when your membership expires.

Select Reset your Rating, choose the game to which you want to reset, then click the reset now button.

Please note, once you reset, your rate will go back to 1500, your wins/losses will return to non, your experience will also reset to non.

If you have made any changes to your account, click save changes, and these will have been saved.
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