Backgammon Features

Board and Stone options
  • 3D Game Board
    • Choice of 3 different boards
    • Choice of 6 stone colors
  • 2D Game Board option
    • Choice of 3 different boards
    • Choice of 8 stone colors
Options for Play
  • Configure to save Matchlogs automatically
  • Choice to save your match logs anywhere on your pc
  • Turn Pip counts off
  • Auto done
  • Auto Roll
  • Auto Bear off
  • Option for sounds
Site Features
  • Rated Backgammon room with Ratings and Unfinished Match History available.
    On the game room page, click on the Ratings link on the left side to search for Ratings and incomplete match information.
  • Unfinished matches saved on our server
    • If a rated match is not finished within 1 day, the player who left the table first will receive a loss and will have TWICE the normal points taken away from their rating.
    • Non-rated games that are not finished after 14 days will be removed.
    • Restore your match (reseating) by having the two players sit at the table. For Rated matches, the match is automatically restored. For non-rated matches, the player is given the option to restore or not.
  • Ability to save complete matches in a format that can be imported into Snowie, JellyFish, or GNU Backagammon
  • Matches are saved by default under your My Documents\My Harbor Games\backgammon folder
  • Enforced Random Timer in Rated Games that lasts between two(2) and three(3) minutes.
  • Ability to set up link to post league/ladder wins from your LNL dedicated lobby
Yacht Club Member Feature!
  • Yacht Club members have the option to turn Hightlights on or not and will see a seventh box labeled Show Hint.
  • When this option is checked, the user will see the legal moves available hightlighted when they mouse over their stones
Fully Supported NO HIT Backgammon
  • Programmed to enforce all basic No-Hit Backgammon Rules
  • Disallows Doubling
  • Auto loss of 1 point is recorded if the player hits their opponent, and leaves their opponent on the bar at the completion of their move.

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