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How to create your Profile
Hear Ye You can create a profile, if you are in a Yacht Club Membership Nic, or a Crew Member Nic.

As a Yacht Club Member, you have the choice of creating your profile, you can put as much or as little information as you wish. You can choose to only have other Yacht Club Members & Staff to view your profile, or you can choose all who log on site to view it, the choice is yours !

To edit/create your profile, whilst signed into your Yacht Club Membership nic, return to Safe Harbors home page, then at the top in boxes you will see different categories, click the profile one, this will take you to your profile, then click edit, and put as much information as you desire, you may also upload a picture, the choice really is yours.

If at any point you are unable to upload a picture using photobucket, request the assistance of a navigator including myself, who will gladly assist you further :).
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