Yacht Club Class - Learn your Advantages
Advantages of being a Yacht Club Member
Hear Ye Did you know that you get all the advantages listed below with a Yacht Club Membership.

Below are the advantages of being a Yacht Club Member. You will find how to use these features, by selecting the different tabs on the left hand side.
  • Choose from nearly 1600 icons or emoticons.
  • Your nick will appear near the top of the player list.
  • Each line of chat can be a different color.
  • Set so only your friends can IM you online.
  • Have up to 500 names on your Friends List.
  • Ability to set up your own User Profile and control who can see it - either staff and Yacht Club members only, or anybody logged in.Click on Profiles on the homepage or on the game listing page.
  • Ability to set notifications for when your friends come online.
  • Ability to look up other player's history for Rated games for the last 6 months.
  • Ability to look up another player's ratings in the lobby, by either right mouse clicking the name and choosing ratings, or from the chatline for any player (/ratings nick).
  • Whereis tool that can be used to find what rooms your friends are in.
  • Ability to reset your own Ratings by going into My Account on the homepage. To avoid abuse, there is an upper limit.
  • Option to change your avatar as many times as you want.
  • Option to switch your Membership from one nick to another - Just login, click on My Account, and select the option.
  • Special Yacht Club Member only tournaments with prizes to be announced.
  • Ability to view when your membership expires. Go to My Account on SHG home page when signed in your membership nick, at the top you will see when it expires.
  • New!Ability to delete a group in one go.
  • Ability to do a 'Whereis' command from the friends list. Right click on a nick in your friends list, and select "Where Is This Friend".
  • Ability Replace your current nick with a new one.
  • You can have up to 25 nicks.
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