SafeHarborGames Advertising FAQ
Why should I advertise with SHG?
Because of the audience that you can reach! Your advertisement has the opportunity to be seen by over 5400 unique visitors in a 24 hour period. Unlike some other sites that count their membership by nicks that may or may no longer be active, we do our best to count only valid players, making our best effort to only count an individual one time, no matter how many nicks they have registered. In this way, we get a truer picture of how many living breathing people are visiting our site.
What are my options?
We offer one package, that runs in the ad rotation 24 hours a day. Price is $95 for a 1 year term.
What advertising can I buy today?
We are curently accepting advertising for the lower right space in our lobbies. You must provide a graphic sized to 197 x 148 pixels, and we can hyperlink that ad to the URL of your choice. Choose either site wide, or focus on one game.
Animated Gifs or Graphics can contain no more than 3 frames per complete cycle, and the time between frames can be no shorter than 3 seconds. This is a technological limitation, but rather a restriction we place on the ads to reduce any negative to our players or their pc systems.
How much does it cost?
Check out the pricing and our cost sheet on our Pricing Page.
Are there any restrictions on the type of advertisements?
SafeHarborGames has made a commitment to make this site player and family-friendly. As such, we reserve the right to reject any offer or cancel any current promotion if we find that it violates our basic standards.
We will not accept advertisements from, or links to, sites that promote pornography or illegal activies. If we find that the content of a site that we already link to has changed to fall into one of these categories, we will remove the link, and there will be no refund for any monies submitted.
SafeHarborGames reserves the right to refuse any advertisement that we feel is not in the best interest of SafeHarborGames, including those that may be considered competitive in nature.
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