SafeHarborGames Covid-19 Issues

We have spoken with our local provider and others and confirmed that with the current quarantines, work-from-home mandates, many more people are connecting into work remotely, from their home. Especially with cable connections, this dramatic increase of usage is negatively impacting our players because they are sharing the same bandwidth as the many other people who are now telecommuting.

And it is not just telecommuting for work - many more people are home, in the house, and using the network a lot more. Keep in mind with cable, people in the same apartment complexes, neighborhoods, etc, are impacted because they all are sharing the same main network. Players on DSL and Satellite are impacted as well, but probably not as much because of the way the networks are connected together.

The reason why the impact is much greater to sites like than others, you must understand appreciate the diffference in playing a live game on the net and just web-browsing. See a much more detailed explanation in our Network Troubleshooting guide by clicking here.

We still have hope that the major providers are aware and are working on solutions to this bottleneck. In the meantime, we have decided to refresh our network more frequently than just once a month - to help keep the networking paths to our server updated.

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