SafeHarborGames: Download Guide for Mac OSX

SafeHarborGames Download Page for Mac OSX

NOTE: We do not currently support IOS or Android devices!
For Mac OSX - Includes High Sierra
PLEASE NOTE!!! The newest version of the MacOSX (Catalina and later) no longer supports our exisiting WineSkin version for SafeHarborGames!
INSTEAD, click here to access our newest versions for Mac, IOS and Android. Scroll down to the Mac OSX Games section to download the new versions.
First thing - make sure that you use Safari to download the file and ALSO make sure that auto-open is set by doing the following:
Open Safari.
Click Preferences.
Under the General tab, make sure the option Open "safe" files after downloading is checked!

  1. Download the Mac version by clicking here (approximately 303MB when uncompressed).
  2. Once downloaded, go to the downloads folder and drag the Safe Harbor file to the desktop or your Applications folder.
  3. The first time you start up our application, you will see a window, like most third party apps, that ask if you want to "Show Web Page", "Cancel", or "Open". Click on Open.
    NOTE: To start up the app on your desktop, you can either double-click on the icon, or do a left mouse Click, and then click on Open.
    (The "Show Web Page" in the mac world takes to the app's homepage, and does not start up the application.)
  4. Next you get a prompt to allow the app to accept incoming network connections. You can safely click on Deny.
  5. When you run the app, it will open a FireFox browser. Login with your nick, using this FireFox browser only, and click on the game, then the room you want to enter.
  6. The first time you enter a room on our site, you will see a number of "Downloading Files" windows, where additional files are downloaded to your mac to run our software
  7. MOST IMPORTANT!!!! - DO NOT try to update the version of Firefox or Flash in the SafeHarborGames window.
    This will break the program, and the only solution is to re-download the software from our site and start over.
Instead, why not go to our NEW download page at and scroll down and download the MAC native versions of some of our apps - more to come.
Security Settings - Safe Harbor Games - can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer
Depending on your security settings, you may see the message : "Safe Harbor Games - can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer".

Then open Preferences, then open Security & Privacy, then click on General. Below Allow apps downloaded from: make sure App Store and identified developers is checked. Note that you may have to click on the lock at the bottom and login to make changes.
Now, click the OK button on the message window you got about Can't be opened.
A new "Open ..." button should appear in the Security & Privacy window. Click this and wait. should start, and you will get one prompt to allow it to run. Click OK for this.
Then, lock your Security & Privacy featues and close it.
From this point on, your Mac OSx should allow you to run it without any other prompting.
About the Mac OSX Version for Safe Harbor Games
  • The mac version is identical to the Windows version, running inside of a WineSkin wrapper. It opens like any other Mac application by double-clicking on it directly, or choosing it from your Launch Window, if you add our application to your Application Folder.
  • The app is completely portable and does not require you to install anything else to run
  • Wineskin specifics :
    • Wineskin Version 1.7
    • WS9Wine1.6rc1X Engine
    • Requires Mac OS X 10.8.4 or later

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