About Duplicate Spades
Duplicate Spades is a format of Spades created by Joe Andrews, a frequent contributor to SafeHarborGames, and is targeted at the medium to advanced player. The basic rules of the game follow the standard partnership format. This document assumes a basic understanding of how Duplicate Spades is played. See for details on the game itself.
Duplicate Spades on SafeHarborGames
For the immediate future, a separate lobby will be dedicated to playing Duplicate Spades Tournaments. The host of a Duplicate Spades tournament has a custom tool to assist in running the tournament and tracking and reporting the results. A Duplicate Spades tournament cannot be implemented without this tool, because it takes advantage of new functions introduced into the Lobby.
All table assignements are done by the host. Players do NOT pick which table to play at, since with Duplicate Spades, the assignments are controlled and set each round as determined by the rules (see "Rotation of Teams" here).
At the end of each round, the ranking is determined by the final table scores. The number of points awarded are based on the CURRENT number of tables playing. See "During the Tournament" how the number of tables can vary during a single tournament.
Up to 34,2,0,012 to 1418,15,12,9,6,3,1
4 to 59,6,3,015 to 1821,18,15,12,9,6,3,1
6 to 812,9,6,319-2225,21,18,15,12,9,6,3,1
9 to 1115,12,9,6,323+28,25,21,18,15,12,9,6,3,1
Tournament opens for entries.
When you first enter a lobby that has a Duplicate Spades Tournament active or when you are in a lobby where a Duplicate Spades Tournament opens, you will notice several things that are different from a regular tournament lobby window.
  • The lobby is set to chat with no tables showing by default.
    You can click on "Show Tables" under the Lobby menu, but players cannot sit at a table, but they can kibbitz a table that is playing a game.
  • You will see a Tournament tool bar at the bottom.

    You will see a Join button as well as the name of the Tournament you are joining (in this case, "My Duplicate Spades Tournmanent").
Joining a Duplicate Spades Tournament
Clicking on the Join will give you three options.
  • Single In
    • After clicking on this, you should see a dialog response verifying that a Request to join this tournament has been sent to the host.
    • Your tool bar at the bottom will confirm you are entered ass a single.
  • Join with Partner
    • Clicking on this will allow you to choose your partner and submit.
      NOTE that Your partner must be in the lobby!
    • A message will be sent to your partner to confirm.
    • If they approve, a message will be sent to the host and you will receive a response.
    • If they reject, you will get a message.
  • Cancel
    As expected, this simply closes the dialog with no action.
Leaving a Duplicate Spades Tournament.
Before the tournament begins, you can leave a tournament by clicking on the red x at the top right corner of the Blue Box.
When you do this, it will ask for confirmation.
Starting the Tournament and entering late.
Before Starting
  • Tournaments have a set time to start, but the host should delay the start as long as there are players in the lobby interested in joining - giving them a chance to join.
  • In the event there are 1 to 3 players left, the host should ask for any more joins, before beginning.
    In there isn't enough players, those left become subs.
During the Tournament
  • If before the next round begins, and there are at least four subs, the host will make arrangements with the subs to partner up for one additional table for the next round.
    This process is continued for each round, where no more than one table can be added for each round.
  • Tables that are added late have accepted that they will not have any scores for the the rounds they missed.
Alternate Scoring
An alternate method of scoring is available on SafeHarborGames, where the individual hand scores are also included in the total scores.
Tips for Tournament Play
  • First thing - Watch the lobby for updates!
  • As mentioned at the beginning, players do not choose tables, they are assigned automatically
  • Tables will automatically open for you to play. Continue to play to the end.
  • The host will assign teams to the next round when all teams finish the current round.
    East-West players will rotate throughout the tournament.
  • There are no byes.
    • This means unmatched players cannot play in the current tournament.
    • Duplicate Spades is based on the same players competing against each other, and is not progressive.
  • Each hand/round is unique in card distributions and requires the partners to compete equally against other players on how well they handle the same cards
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