SafeHarborGames Download Guide for Linux and other Wine users

NOTE: We do not currently support IOS or Android devices!
Attention Wine users
For platforms, such as Linux, that support WINE, we have discover what the optimal combination of components are necessary to support our application, and we wanted to share them with any *nix users out there that are familiar with Wine.
(This Guide has been tested on Linux Mint 19.1)
  1. One word of CAUTION - if you are not familiar with Linux, and at least understand what WINE is, then this may not be a solution for you.
  2. Replace every instance of userhomedir with your own folder in step 3.
  3. To install,

    Ensure Wine is installed as per

    Create Wine Folder
    From terminal, userhomedir, create folder Wine
    mkdir Wine

    Create the container, from terminal
    WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=/home/userhomedir/Wine/safeharborgames winecfg
    Hit Okay as soon as the GUI shows up

    Install the executable
    WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=/home/userhomedir/Wine/safeharborgames wine msiexec.exe /i SHGWin.msi

    Create 2 files in following folder

    mimeapps.list, contains

    [Default Applications]

    safeharborgames.desktop, contains

    [Desktop Entry]
    Exec=env WINEPREFIX="/home/userhomedir/Wine/safeharborgames" wine '/home/userhomedir/Wine/safeharborgames/drive_c/Program Files/SafeHarborGames/HarborGames.exe' %u
    Path=/home/userhomedir/Wine/safeharborgames/dosdevices/c:/Program Files/SafeHarborGames/

    From here, you should be able to open SafeHarborGames from any browser.
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