Gin Rummy FAQ
  • Are there bots?
  • Why can't I Gin or Knock?
    Are your cards in order? Use the SORT button to SORT them. You may need to put it on MANUAL SORT & adjust one or two individually. Ie... I have all four aces & 2 3 of clubs. You'll need to move the Ace of clubs individually using the MANUAL SORT option. It moves via DRAG & DROP.
  • Can we play on ops melds?
    NO...when they GIN.... YES...when they KNOCK. To do so... click UP the card that plays... then... click on the meld it plays on.
  • Can I SORT my cards once my op lay's down?
    YES.... For instance, if it plays four ACES...and leaves your 2 3 of clubs in the deadwood pile. CLICK on the Ace meld & put it back in your deadwood hand... THEN... click up the meld you WANT to play.. and click on the blank space where the meld SHOULD lay down. So on & so forth.
  • How do I report a DEBUG?
    BEFORE you stand & resit, CTRL D saves a file on to your MY DOCUMENTS the Safe Harbor Games folder. Send that file in an email to If you can, include a SCREEN SHOT of the problem.
  • Why can't I DISCARD?
    Did you pick up a card form the discard pile, and then change your mind? It can not be discarded until next time around. Discard another card.
  • Why does the first card stay up in the corner?
    In some games Oklahoma and red/black that up card determines if you have to GIN out of the hand or if you can KNOCK. It's there for informational purposes.
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