Cribbage Features
  • Opening Cribbage Options
    • Stakes vs Regular - Regular is set by default
      • Regular means 1 point for winning a game, 2 points for a Skunk, and 4 points for a Double Skunk, if they are enabled.
      • Stakes games are 2 points for winning a game, and 3 points for a Skunk. Double Skunk does not count.
    • Point length - 121 points by default. Choices are 61 points and 121 points. The point length will determine how Skunk is enforced.
    • Skunk - Enabled by default
      If the losing player has less than a certain number of points, they will be "Skunked". For 121 point games, it is 91, and for 61 point games, it is 31. So in a 121 point game, if the losing player has less than 91 points when their opponent wins, they are "Skunked".
    • Double Skunk - Disabled by default
      For 121 point length games only, if a the losing player fails to reach 61 points, the winner will receive 4 points for the win.
    • Match Length - Default is 1. Can be set to any length up to 24 points.
    • Timer - Disabled by default. Setting the Timer limits teh ammount of time a player has to complete a play.
  • Game Options
    • Sample Sound Sound on/off - Off by Default
      Click on the music note at the bottom left to turn sounds on or off.
    • Sample Kibbitz Show Cards - Off by Default
      Click on the eye over cards at the bottom left to either make visible or hide your cards from kibbitzers
    • Sample Options
      Show Points awarded during Play
      Stagger own cards played
      Stagger own cards in Crib during the show
      Show contrasting background when viewing Points during play - Off by Default
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