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The management at SafeHarborGames would like to acknowledge the presence of a few nationally known Spades Players - not only for their achievements, but as a way letting SHG players know a little bit about their accomplishments. These players can be recognized by the special icon (Spades Logo) preceding their name. We have asked them if they would like to share a few things with the SHG membership.
Doll, ZZ_Dukey and ZZ_Baracuda.
Owners and founders of TheSpadesConnection, the longest running Spades Event in history, founded in September of 2000 by a group of friends whose purpose was and continues to be bringing people together promoting competitive card playing while nurturning new friendships as well as rekindling old ones. They strive to present a well-organized event while allowing time for as much social interaction and memory making as the weekend progresses.

They take great pride in putting on the best live events possible and it is their continued goal to continue that reputation to be "The Premier Event for all Live spades players".
Galt or SpadesBookdotcm
John (Jack) Strichman started playing Spades online in 1998, fell in love with the game, and published his widely acclaimed book, How NOT to Lose at Spades, in 2001. He published the second edition of the book in 2003. The book is available on his website (www.spadesbook.com) as well as on Amazon directly from Jack under the seller name karpubbooks. Jack is happy to custom inscribe all books for his readers.

Mr. Strichman's professional background includes the application of probability theory, statistics, and statistical modeling in the fields of marketing and marketing research, and the teaching of applied statistics training courses at the corporate level. He attended Rensselaer Polytechic Institute, where he earned both an undergraduate degree in business and an MBA.

Jack was a regular contributor of feature articles for Joe Andrews’ monthly Spades column at the MSN Gaming Zone, wrote his own column for the largest Spades club there, and has conducted Spades training classes for numerous teams and clubs on the Net. Jack also taught the Spades training classes at the Zone Exploration Fairs.

Playing at Safe Harbor using the nic Galt (or some variant thereof) Jack hopes to play Spades with the same striving for excellence and achievement as would the character of the same name in Ayn Rand's classic novel, Atlas Shrugged. How NOT to is his effort at sharing what he has learned in the pursuit of this goal.
Joe Andrews
Joe Andrews is the author of multiple books and articles about card games, providing his readers with advanced strategies for more competitive play. In addition to his writing accomplishments, Mr. Andrews was a contractor and consultant for several organizations and Internet Classic Gaming sites, most notably, the Microsoft Gaming Zone and the United States Playing Card Company (maker of Bicycle® Playing Cards). Joe was also a frequent guest on “The Jordan Rich Show” which aired on WBZ Radio 1030 AM.
Joe is the Founder of the World Series of Spades, Hearts, Euchre, and Pinochle. (1999 - 2010) He is a contractor for Demand Media, Inc. and Cases' Ladder.
Joe is also the creator of two new card games, Jack Attack! and Match Plus.
As a competitive card player, Joe has won over 100 tournaments, and has been playing in card tournaments for over 30 years.

Joe Andrews is the author of five books on card games and two music books, including:
  • The Complete Win Series
  • The Complete Win at Euchre
  • The Complete Win at Hearts
  • The Complete Win at Spades
  • The Complete Win at Whist
  • The Complete Win at Barbu
  • Music, Music, Music
  • Rock Roll and Reminisce
Additionally, Joe has previously written articles for GAMES on the card games Spades, Euchre, and Bid Whist.
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