How to Play Rated Spades
Getting Started
  1. How do i get a game?
    To get started advertise for the game you wish to play in lobby with: format, hand limit and table. (Example) Reg full games no dn tbl 1.
  2. How do i know if Game is Rated?
    Once you have 4 human players and the format is selected and set, each player must bid before the game is officially rated. This allows for players who have accidentally sat at the wrong table a opportunity to leave before the game has officially been rated. After a rated game has begun and all bids are made you will then see a information box letting you know that a rated game has begun!
  3. How does the ratings calculation differ for Cutthroat?
    With any non-cutthroat game, the ratings is calculated based on a winning team(2 players) and a losing team(2 players). With cutthroat, there will be one winner and three losers.
  4. Can players sub? If at any time during your game a player boots/quits you may request a sub to finish the game as a (Un-Rated) player! Subs ratings are not affected! Only the original 4 players that started the game will have their ratings affected! Win or lose the booted player or the player who quit will still get the win/loss.
  5. Why can't sub players be rated?
    Sub players were designed to finish a rated game so that the original 4 players ratings were still kept in tact and also to prevent the manipulations of players ratings by quitting the game to avoid a loss. We seem to think that it would not be fair for a sub to receive the loss for a player who quit because they were losing the game. It would also be nearly impossible to find a sub for a losing game.
  6. Can a game be reset?
    As of right now there currently is not a reset option available to the 4 player spades game. There is however a manual way of re-setting the game by 2 different ways:
    1. Bots enabled:
      If the bots are enabled and all agree to make game unrated simply have one person from either team leave the table and continue the hand in progress. After the hand is completed a pop up message will ask you if you would like to continue the game unrated. The game then becomes unrated after the 1st card of the next hand is played.
    2. Bots disabled:
      If the bots are disabled resetting a game without finishing the hand can only be done in one way so that ratings are not affected.To do this have one player from each team leave the table. After the 2 players have left then both remaining players can leave table with the game then becoming un-rated and no ratings are affected.( Remove this Note) Games are currently allowing a unfinished game!
  7. How can I view my rating?
    Ratings can be viewed in the lobby population area by simply placing your cursor over the name you are wishing to view. ( Do not click on the name). The other option is to visit our ratings page located on the spades main page.
  8. Can I play a rated game with bot?
    Rated games require 4 human players to start and finish a rated game. Bots do not affect ratings in any way and we currently do not offer any rated bot games.
  9. Can I return to a rated game I have left?
    Yes, if for some reason you accidentally left a table or booted from room or even lost your Internet connection you may return to the table and continue to play as a rated game assuming that the game is still in progress and that the remaining players have waited on you to return. If someone has subbed for you and is playing when you return you can ask to have your seat back and carry on with a rated game.
  10. Player is abusive can I Remove them?
    Yes, You can remove a player that is being disruptive by right clicking on the name in the players area on the table. After this is done the remaining players at the table excluding the player being booted or removed must agree to remove the person from the table. (Note: this can only be done in non-rated lobbies)
  11. Can my rating be reset?
    Only Yacht Club members can reset their rating. Click here to learn more about Yacht Club Memberships. You can however have multiple names at SHG and can use them to create a new rated name.
  12. How are the ratings calculated?
    Ratings in SHG spades are calculated based on the ELO system.
    For Partner Spades : Based on what your rating and your opponents rating is will define the amount of points that are lost or won. For instance two 1800 rating players playing two 1500 rating players will lose more points when losing then they would in winning and visa/versa.
    For Cutthroat Spades : The same system is used, but in this case there is one winner and three losers. The losers' ratings are calculated by comparing the winner's profile to their own.
    The winner's ratings is calculated by taking an average increase against the three losers' profile.
    For example, if all four players have the same 1500 ratings, the winner's rating goes up 10 points, and each of the losers' ratings goes down 10 points.
  13. What if both opponents leave the game?
    If both of your opponents leave the game the game will end with rewarding the team left at the table with a win.
  14. Are all table formats rated?
    Yes, All format settings on the table are rated as well as all hand limits. Also note that tables do not have to use the default settings in hand limits. You may also enter a desired hand limit by typing it in the entry box.
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