Backgammon - About Our Bots
Backgammon bots were introduced to Safe Harbor Games on April 12th, 2020.
Powered by the BGBlitz engine,the bots are configured to allow players to play against a reasonably strong bot to improve their playing skills and allow them to have a competitive game when noone else is available.
Bot play will be limted to nonRated Lobbies.
You can only play bots in rooms designated as "Bot Play" lobbies.
During the initial rollout, there will be one Bot Play lobby available in Social. After a reasonable amount of play and feedback, we will open a Bot Play lobby in Competitive.
How Bot Play Lobbies works.
All settings and level of play will be the same for Bot Play lobbies.
If one player boots, the other player will not automatically boot, and the booted player can return to the game or any other player can take over the bot and continue.
Bots will NOT TAKE OVER AND PLAY in a game that started as player to player.
A real player CANNOT TAKE OVER THE BOT in a game that started as player to Bot.
Bot Play for Mobile and Mac
Once we have a week of testing and feedback for the Windows Version, and any updates have been made, we will begin releasing new versions of Backgammon for IOS, Android and MacOSx.

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