By Joe Andrews, author of "The Complete Win At Spades"

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Spades Trivia Contest

Here is a card Trivia Quiz which might be a fun exercise for those players who enjoy a good game of Spades !

Players may email their answers to Joe Andrews at:

The first player to answer all 20 questions correctly will win a copy of each of Joe's books, The Complete Win At Spades, Hearts, and Euchre, as well as ten decks of classic USPC playing cards.

In the event nobody has a score of 20 points, then the person with the highest number of correct answers by March 1st, wins the Prize. (Ties will be 'broken' with a drawing.)

  1. What was the name of the original Internet card-playing service which became the MSN Gaming Zone in the mid 1990's?
  2. Assuming a 500 point game limit, and no double Nils, what is the highest possible score by one partnership in a game of Spades?
  3. What is the name of the Spades variation in which each player must bid the number of spades (trump) in his/her hand for each and every deal?
  4. In which city was the 1999 U.S. Open Spades and Hearts tournament held? (This live event later evolved into the Grand Prix World Series of Spades.)
  5. What is a "parasite" or "piggyback" Nil?
  6. What does the term "ruff" mean? (And no, it’s not the sound a dog makes.)
  7. Which other two partnership trick taking card games are in the same family or group as Spades? (Hint: these two games are very similar to Spades, as they have at least one round of bidding, 13 tricks, and a declared trump suit).
  8. Nancy Landau, from Indianapolis, IN, has a Spades-related claim to fame. What is it?
  9. How does “Old School” or Classic Spades (first played in the late 1930’s) differ from the modern game?
  10. What historical person is represented by the King of Hearts? (card)
  11. What historical person is represented by the Jack of Diamonds ? (card)
  12. Assume that you are dealt the Queen and one small spade. The rest of your hand consists of safe low cards in the other suits. What are the odds that your partner will be able to cover a Nil bid by you? (In other words, it is hoped that he has the Ace and/or King of spades.)
  13. What is the most common name for an AI computer "player" who might be required to replace your partner or opponent during a game?
  14. Assuming no double Nils and a minus 200 point limit, what is the lowest possible score by a partnership in a game of Spades?
  15. What is the difference between a Double Nil and a Twin Nil?
  16. What historical person is represented by the King of Clubs? (card)
  17. What are the odds of having a 13-card suit dealt to any one player, and what are the odds of all players receiving a 13-card suit?
  18. Who was Pallas ? (The specific card) ?
  19. In what city and year was the game of Spades created? ("The Complete Win At Spades")
  20. According to the history of card games, what did the spades suit represent in medieval times?

Answers will posted on March 1st (or earlier, if someone scores a perfect 20 answers).
Good Luck.

- Joe A.
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