By Joe Andrews, author of "The Complete Win At Euchre"

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Euchre - Dayton, OH -2001
Euchre hand Deal # 7 'Results Merchant'

This is a most interesting hand, from a 2001 event held in Dayton, OH-- (another big-time Euchre bastion)! West decided to be clever and set a trap. After all, he figured that most dealers were reluctant to turn down the Right. This was a very poor judgment. Any time you have three decent trump and a side Ace, as well as void, you must order up (or assist if you are the dealer's partner). North, with the Left and the Queen of clubs, decided to take a shot at scoring a point and told his partner to pick up the Right. Two Bowers held by the same side is a usually favorable situation. South discarded his lone diamond Queen, and West immediately led the heart Ace, which "walked". Now West tried the spade nine. North trumped with the Queen and wisely returned a diamond. South won the Right and the Left was sure to complete "book" (for a point). East shook his head, and that was only the beginning of the second guessing and endless analysis.

Suppose West opens with the club King. Someone has to win this, otherwise another trump lead "crashes" the Bowers. If North ducks this trick, South is forced to win the Right. Now he leads a spade, and North trumps with the Left, and the hand collapses. If North wins the first trick with the Left, he must lead a diamond for South to ruff with the Right. West drops his small spade. Now South tries a spade and West is "X-Rayed". Ruff small, and North's trump Queen scores the point. Ruff high with the Ace, and North tosses his lone heart, and the Queen of clubs is a winner. In the final analysis, West lucked out by passing, as his side could not win three tricks. We call this 20 / 20 Hindsight, or being a Results Merchant. West must order with that hand!
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