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Credits and Notices


Version 2


Game Software Development:

'The General', Robert E. Lee, Jr.

Communications Drivers:

'Starkiller', Francis Russo

HTML Update of Manual:

'The General', Robert E. Lee, Jr.

Player's Club Customer Support:

'The General', Robert E. Lee, Jr.

Advice and Encouragement:

'Dangerous' Dave Wolverton and 'Mad Dogg' Joe Bolnick

Internet Web Hosting

Safe Harbor Games at

Quality Assurance Testing:

All The Loyal Members of the CHQ Player's Club

End User Support:

Safe Harbor Games at


Version 1


Original Game Design:

Danielle Berry, Ozark Softscape

Software Development (IBM):

Danielle Berry and Alan Watson, Ozark Softscape

Original Version Computer Graphics:

Michael Reis, Jackie Ross, MPS Labs

Original Version Sound Effects:

Dave Warhol

Original Project Managers/Manual Text

Sandy Peterson, Douglas Kaufman, MPS Labs

Print Media Director:

Iris Idokogi, MPS Labs

Manual Graphics:

Matt Scibilia, Michail Reis, MPS Labs; George Will

Manual Spot Illustrations:

Michael Reis, MPS Labs

Manual Chapter Head Illustrations:

Ken Zaruba

Manual Layout:

Michael Reis, Matt Scibilia, Susan Ullrich, Iris Idokogi, MPS Labs

Command Summary Card:

Susan Ullrich, MPS Labs

Manual Editing:

Lawrence Schick, MPS Labs; Ellen Markley

Packaging Design:

Mark Ciola, John Emory, with Juanita Bussard, MPS Labs


Dean Ray Studios

Original Version Quality Assurance:

Alan Roireau, Russ Cooney, MPS Labs

Original Version Playtesting:

Russ Cooney, Alan Roireau, Chris Taormino, MPS Labs; Bill Bunten


Copyright Notice

Copyright (c) 1990 by MicroProse Software, Inc. TM, all rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 1992-2010 by Robert E. Lee, Jr. and Safe Harbor Games, all rights reserved.